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This is a community for a mage game from the White Wolf rules (note: the old rules, not the new ones). Only mages are allowed as PCs. It's set in Erfurt, Germany in the year 2010.

This community is connected to other role-playing communities: wow_demon, wow_kenosha, wow_seattle, wow_chicago, wow_chantries, wow_giovanni, wow_gansta and the OOC room connected with them all, wow_ooc.

If interested in playing, contact me (gamer_chic) via email, AIM (LadyKatieBug04), or MSN Messenger (lostrisandtanus@hotmail.com), or email me a character sheet at katieschuelke@yahoo.com. This community is moderated membership.

Information about the city and university is located in this post. Information about the chantry and mages is located in this post. Character creation info and game rules are located in this post.